HELLO, I'm Jim Chi

#I'm cureentily learing web-app developemmt and playing with mongoDB, project coming soon#

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Cover Letter

Hi, I’m Jim and I am studying Bachelor of Information Technology (Information System) at QUT. My vision is to become a software architect where one day I get to put my design develop and business skill in use, while I work with my team, doing research design built and maintain the commercial/business applications we made and live happily ever after.

I love to listen to tech-podcast, go to tech-meet-ups, eat free food and watch TV.

I choose to do Information System because it happens to suit me. I love every unit I'm doing. I can learn the business side of IT industry while I get do my electives to learn how to design user-centred interactive UX, I get to learn how to software development and app development and other cool things. 

I plan to be involved in as many aspects of the software industry as possible and I hope to find working on something I love and maybe eventually I get to call myself a software architect, if not I’ll go and do my masters and become a researcher