HELLO, I'm Jim Chi

#I'm cureentily learing web-app developemmt and playing with mongoDB, project coming soon#

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Cover Letter

Hi, I’m Jim and I am studying Bachelor of Information Technology (Information System Stream) at QUT. My vision is to become a software engineer where one day my team and I will research design built and maintain the commercial/business applications we made.

I love to listen to tech-podcast, go to tech-meet-ups, eat free food and watch TV. I found that Computer Science and Bachelor of Engineering (Computer and Software Systems) are the go-to majors for IT student at QUT. They are great major, but I believe that sometimes follow everyone else ’s footpath may not be suitable for everyone.

This is why I choose Information System as my major

A lot of people at QUT had chosen computer science. Students get to look into how computer are physically worked and then learn various type of programming languages to code solutions for different projects.

Others had chosen Bachelor of Engineering, where you can choose Computer and Software Systems as a major. It is a 4 year Honors Degree. Where you learn how does Engineering analysis and design works, and the major Computer and Software Systems, it goes through a lot of programming language as well but it includes physics and math unit in order introduce the studnets tocomputer hardware architecture.    

Yet I choose Information System.

I know that no one can be a software engineer the second the left university, It’s gonna take a lot of effort to be involved and understand how everything works, Software Engineers need to have years of experience of being a coder, a designer, a person who understand what the market need and what it take to gain support from the corporate to create the project.

I believe that softwares are made to be used by users. It needs to suit the users' needs. I need to learn how to identify and try to solve the problem that our target audience had. I need to be willing to learn and apply suitable and current technology to our project. I’ll need to know how to design the software architecture to secure our data, optimize the speed of our application, and make it robust. I’ll also need to learn to think like a developer. How to debug our application and pick up the programming language as fast as a developer. Software Engenners need to make integration desitions. They can’t just tell the programmer how to integrate the application without knowing how many manpower, cost and time it’ll take to create new features. I’ll need to know a fairly amount of knowledge to understand what framework, programming language and database is suitable for our project that saves time and money.

In IS I get to learn modelling methods to design the architectures, How does a rapid development environment is like, how to do project management. How to conduct user research, how to find business insights using data analytics. How to communicate with managers, colleagues and clients to design a solution. These are really important skills that a lot of IT student need to sacrifices their electives to learn.

Upon all the things IS offers to me, I get do my electives to learn how to design user-centred interactive UX, I get to learn how to do programming, software development and mobile app development, web app development with python and web development with JavaScript how to do Cloud development and how to optimize business with cloud integration. 

I plan to be involved in as many aspects of the software industry as possible and I hope to find working on something I love and eventually I get to call myself a software engineer or I’ll go and do my masters and become a researcher